Policy and Procedures

Businesses have learnt the hard way that not having and/or following policies and procedures can be very, very costly.

Policies and procedures are designed to influence and determine all major decisions and actions, and all activities that take place within the boundaries set by them in the workplace. Procedures are the specific methods employed to express policies in action in day-to-day operations of your business.

A policy is a guiding principle which sets the direction for a business. A procedure is a series of steps to be followed as a consistent and repetitive approach to accomplish a fair and equitable status for management and support staff.

Policies and procedures also provide clarity to the reader when dealing with accountability issues or activities that are of critical importance to the company, such as health and safety, equal employment opportunity, social media, vehicle usage, legal liabilities, regulatory requirements or any issue that could have serious civil or criminal consequences.

Workplace policies establish boundaries for acceptable behaviour and guidelines for best practices in certain work situations. They offer clear communication to your employees as to how you expect them to act. Policies also contribute to the overall culture of the workplace, because they instil norms and values.

At LM HR Consulting, we provide small businesses with this valuable support service so that the risk of civil or criminal liability is significantly reduced.

For more information on reviewing your current workplace policies and procedures or obtaining a set of workplace policies and procedures please enquire at email: lauren@lmhr.com.au or call 0400 225 499.