Human Resource Outsourcing

Irrespective of the business you’re engaged in, you will always encounter an element of human resource management. Be it recruitment, performance management, termination and separation, managing rosters or just ensuring that your employees are paid on time and correctly.

A large portion of small to medium sized businesses choose to shoulder the burden of these tasks alone or with the help of other non-HR representatives such as line managers or administrators.

The risk of this is that human resources tasks distracts management from focusing on business development, customer service and/or business planning potentially reducing productivity and revenue. It may also result in human resources overlooked entirely, putting the business at increased risk, or creating dissatisfaction among employees.

Where businesses have invested in the human resources function, the most common approach taken is the traditional model with an internal HR manager or coordinator. The problem small to medium businesses face when implementing a traditional model is that it can be inflexible and expensive. Secondly, their success is solely dependent on the ability of the HR manager or coordinator to influence and add value.

HR needs to be nimble and resilient – and thrive during change. HR outsourcing is the most effective way to create measurable value in this area by using our available expertise to help you on the road to success.

LM HR Consulting will work alongside you to identify the gaps within your HR systems and recommend practical solutions to help your business adapt and thrive.

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